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A true inspiration and a great mentor. Always pushing us to do our absolute best. Eugene has motivated us not to give up and always keep on going no matter what the business or personal challenge

Eugene is a excellent coach. He is a good listener and ask very good questions. I’ve made big and bold jumps since I’ve first met with Eugene and i must say I am inspired by his passion towards entrepreneurs. I do recommend that any entrepreneur should get a couch and If they do I would highly recommend Eugene

Working and discovering new ways of doing things with Eugene is refreshing. He is open to ideas and considers innovative solutions; the experience of being in his company reinforces the fact that he is willing to consider new beginnings rather than play the same blueprint over and over again. This characteristic is an advantage to his clients and an asset to his peers. Eugene should be on or at least a consideration in, your team

The level of professionalism displayed by the staff of My Coach has been world class since day one. Their experience and insight of business has enhanced our thought process and assisted us immensely with defining new strategy as well as short, medium and long term vision and goals

The perfect coach for any tech business! Eugene provides the convenience and expertise needed to multiply your business and save you time while doing so

Eugene is a great coach, full of experienced advice in business and life in general.
Its great to have someone who is passionate about business to talk and listen to but most importantly, being accountable to Eugene has helped me push myself further in my career.
I would highly recommend him