Eugene van der Merwe

My coaching career started when I helped friends and family members achieve the same success in their businesses as I achieved in mine. I started coaching Entrepreneurs in 2013, after finding that I have a passion and skill for business coaching. I pursued my professional qualification through SA Business Coaches and ICR, with more than 300 hours of training and coaching. I specialise in coaching Entrepreneurs in Technology and C Level Executives.

While showing, telling and teaching have a legitimate role in business situations, coaching is a collaborate, mutual and interactive process. In which I assist you in finding your own answers. Truly effective coaching is a process of mutual discovery, which creates an environment that enables the meeting of business challenges, fostering innovations and enhances overall development. The tools of the coaching process (dialogue; goal setting; feedback; advice and encouragement) are used in a customised, innovative manner.

Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw

Why Tech

Growing up, my Dad worked in the Technology industry and I found myself gravitating towards the same field. I excelled in my career but had a desire for more. I found what I longed for when I started my first business and am truly grateful that I discovered my passion in life so early on. Since then, I have coached numerous Executives and Entrepreneurs. I serve as CTO for Thyme Technologies and I am the MD of two other companies. My goal is to be one of the top Executive Coaches and Technology Entrepreneurs in Africa in the next 10 years

My Résumé


SA Business Coaches

Diploma in Computer Networking
Diploma in Business Management
Finance for non Financial Managers
Project Management
Numerous other Business and Technology short courses

Coaching Passion

I have a profound passion for Executive Business and Technology coaching, Team building and assisting people with wealth creation. I work hard and have an intense drive to help people reach their goals. Working with people who have the same amount of passion and drive to achieve their goals, knowing I can make a difference in their professional and personal lives, gives me immense joy.