The need for good service in your business

The business environment in SA has become extremely competitive especially in the service based industry. The standard of service expected by consumers is increasing continuously and the need for businesses to comply with these expectations has moved from being a “nice to have” to a necessity.

I am surprised that so many businesses still operate with the assumption if their product is good or they have some sort of a monopoly then the service can take a back seat. I have experienced this a few times in the past few months for example my purchase of Entrepreneur Magazine subscription. After being an avid reader of the magazine I eventually decided to purchase a 12 month subscription as you get an additional gift. I am extremely disappointed that I made that decision. At the time of this, I have now been waiting for 3 months after I have made the transaction and I still don’t have my first magazine. I can go on about this and similar stories but the point is we should all be making a bigger effort to provide our customers with better, faster and friendlier service.

What does it mean to provide better service?

With all the technology at our disposal there should be no reason why a customer should wait a considerable amount of time to get what they require or wait 24hrs for someone to get back to them. They should have multiple ways to get in touch with you. Your whole team should be as fanatical about giving exceptional service as you are and this comes down to hiring the right people and having proper structures in place. Your team should know what it means to give amazing service from a step by step written and documented policy.

Does your company currently have such a document in place?

If not you must decide what is important for your market and your customer and then document these procedures. This is the responsibility of the leaders in the business as simply saying they should know is not good enough. Just as it is the leader’s responsibility to define and document these procedures, it is also the leader’s responsibility to set and uphold the values and culture of the business which are the core drivers of customer service. For an example of our values click here

Learn from

In my opinion one of the best companies in the world when it comes to values and culture is a company called Zappos based in Las Vegas, USA. They have been instrumental in helping us discover our values. Because of their clearly defined culture and values they have also become one of the leaders in customer service world wide. The CEO, Tony Hsieh and his team has build Zappos to a $1billion company is less than 10 years by delivering “wow” service to the clients. If you have some free time read his book called Delivering Happiness which is available from Amazon here.


For your business to thrive in years to come you have to make a conscience effort to continuously improve the experience your customers receive when dealing with you and your team members. It won’t change overnight but making small incremental changes weekly you will over time have a substantial competitive advantage compared to your competitors who didn’t. Technology should be used as it is freely available and at such low costs to assist and automate mundane tasks but still remember, nothing can replace the human element when it comes to creating an awesome customer experience

Thank you for reading and hopefully I have inspired you to add a bit more effort when it comes to delivering amazing customer experiences.