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Don’t take our word for it, this is what our clients have to say

A true inspiration and a great mentor. Always pushing us to do our absolute best. Eugene has motivated us not to give up and always keep on going no matter what the business or personal challenge

Eugene is a excellent couch. He is a good listener and ask very good questions. I’ve made big and bold jumps since I’ve first met with Eugene and i must say I am inspired by his passion towards entrepreneurs. I do recommend that any entrepreneur should get a couch and If they do I would highly recommend Eugene

Working and discovering new ways of doing things with Eugene is refreshing. He is open to ideas and considers innovative solutions; the experience of being in his company reinforces the fact that he is willing to consider new beginnings rather than play the same blueprint over and over again. This characteristic is an advantage to his clients and an asset to his peers. Eugene should be on or at least a consideration in, your team

The level of professionalism displayed by the staff of My Coach has been world class since day one. Their experience and insight of business has enhanced our thought process and assisted us immensely with defining new strategy as well as short, medium and long term vision and goals

The perfect coach for any tech business! Eugene provides the convenience and expertise needed to multiply your business and save you time while doing so

Eugene is a great coach, full of experienced advice in business and life in general.
Its great to have someone who is passionate about business to talk and listen to but most importantly, being accountable to Eugene has helped me push myself further in my career.
I would highly recommend him

At only R1497 pm you can no longer afford not to. Apply now

You are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with

If you want to upgrade your mindset you have to upgrade your circle of influence.

I have been trying to find a group to join for 3 years and I am sad to say without success. I eventually had to build my own circle which took years to find the right people from all over the world.

I created this Mastermind group to help you build this circle and short circuit your path to success.

I select the Entrepreneurs who join myself to ensure the quality of the group.

Space is limited so contact us now!

4 + 4 = ?

The problem we are solving

  • Entrepreneurship is lonely

  • No one understands my problems

  • I can’t find likeminded people to talk to

Who do you talk to when you have a problem, new idea or just want to unwind? Most of us talk to our friends that tell us what to do even though they’ve never been there. Secondly we burden our partners with our stresses and problems from the office who’s response is always: I believe in you and I know you can do it. Sure that’s great to hear but my problem is still there hindering my clarity, focus and productivity. Thirdly we get Business Coaches which is probably the best option but not everyone can afford to spend 5 or 10 thousand rand a month on a dedicated Business Coach. The solution: A blended approach in the form of a forum with 6 other Entrepreneurs that can provide valuable insights and that is facilitated by an experienced serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Rules of Engagement

  • Only differentiator is our industry. No politics allowed

  • You are serious about growing as a person

  • Discussions are confidentially and without judgement

Our Monthly Mastermind groups are made up of no more than 7 people per group so you build real connections, get individual attention and can have intimate conversations. We meet once a month for a fun filled evening building connections with likeminded people who want to improve themselves and on the same journey as you. Twice a year we will have a get together with other forums but our slack channel is for everyone making sure you get top notch insights. Each forum is run by an experienced Entrepreneur and Business Coach

What you can expect from our Monthly Mastermind group

  • Each member is interviewed before they are allowed to join

  • Monthly meetings at a dedicated venue with AV equipment and snacks provided

  • Likeminded Entrepreneurs who are facing the same struggles as you that can provide valuable insights

  • Structured program ensuring you get value out of every engagement

  • Closed Whatsapp and Facebook group to share valuable information and discussion points

  • Entrepreneurs from different industries that you can partner with or share services

Apply now to be part of this amazing experience

With our intimate Mastermind groups you can soundboard with likeminded Entrepreneurs in a confidential environment